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Paving the way to an innovative lifestyle

MOR-industries is a pioneer company that utilizes innovative agricultural approaches with industrial hemp to create premium products and services. We dare to leave elephant-sized footprints by striving to make the world a better place one seed at a time.


Hemp is what you make it, MOR-hemp equals MOR-life

Everything old is new again. Hemp once tied the world together, and after hundreds of years of shifting regulations, the plan is starting to circle the planet once again. Mor-Hemp farms processes and develops industrial products and oil products with hemp.


Mor-Growth means Mor-Life

MOR-Farms serves as a platform to the community to provide products and services through agricultural organic farming practices. As farmers we want to reconnect our communities by creating an opportunity where farmers can simultaneously provide fresh vegetables, and serve as food educators, revitalizing the way consumers shop and eat to a healthier lifestyle.


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