Who Are We

MOR-industries is a Small, Women-owned, and Minority-owned Business with roots from Halifax County, VA. We value our customers, the community, hard work, innovation, and sustainability. Our deepest purpose is to build and empower our community by continuing to innovate and expand our growing practices with a meaningful, balanced life. With the community involvement to support our vision, and aim to reach our highest potential. 

Our customers and partners will benefit from our vast  network of expertise, brands, products, premier services, and experience. Our cultivation, processing, and distribution are unparalleled by practicing sustainable organic and environmentally friendly solutions. Most importantly, we strive to expand, rejuvenate, and bring economic growth for local job markets to Southern Virginia. 

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We grow crops that will utilize innovative agricultural approaches with industrial hemp to create premium products and services  

Our Research

We are dedicated to focusing on all things for your health and well being such as skincare, hair, clothing, as well as growing organic foods. 

Our opportunities

We aim to develop jobs in the Halifax community, as well as provide donations to the local school system and fundraising for the local area.

Our Mission

Our mission is to pioneer a company, that will utilize innovative agricultural approaches with industrial hemp to create premium products and services. We dare to leave elephant-sized footprints by striving to make the world a better place one seed at a time. 

Morton Family History

As we know our family history stretches back many generations, we start with our great-grandmother Sally Carrington, who was born in the late 1800s.  She married our great-grandfather, Benjamin (Benny) Morton in the early 1900s. During their union seven children were born, Clyde, Andrew, Ralph, Harry, Hugo, Annie & Alice. They built a life and raised their family in Halifax, Virginia. 

Sally & Benny followed in the footsteps of Benny’s parents, Paul & Alice Morton who were sharecroppers. In 1906, Paul & Alice purchased land and specialized in tobacco farming, their land is still in the family today.  The house of our great-grandparents, is still standing on the land they purchased following the example set for their legacy. Their oldest daughter Annie had a son, who was named William Morton.  William Morton married Mary Ella Smith; their union birthed our generation. 

We are their children, Trina, Deborah, William Jr., Tamara, Cheryl and Angela.  Along with our children, we are building on the legacy set from our descendants. This legacy will showcase our rich history, strong family values, and pay homage to our ancestors. While building this legacy, our family decided to return to Halifax to purchase land to grow industrial hemp and established MOR-Industries.

MOR-Industries’ elephant logo is used to pay homage to our dear mother Mary Morton.  It has been a long-standing symbol in our family that reminds us of everything we represent.  Over the years, our mother’s collection grew to include over 100 elephants that represented a multitude of experiences in her life. The elephant is a symbol of strength and power. It is also praised for its size, longevity, stamina, mental faculties, cooperative spirit, and loyalty. A perfect symbol that showcases the Morton family’s past history and promising future. 

MOR-Industries will serve as our legacy, rich with history, for our children to carry on for generations to come.